Hero beauties:battle of girls info

Welcome to the Kingdom of Huntress Utopia! As the only male outsider allowed to enter in the past hundred years, I have some advice for you:

BE GENTLE! Treat your huntresses well, any pick-up artist behaviors and overuse are prohibited. By establishing real emotional connections with and treat them sincerely, you will open and experience the secret side of them.

ATTENTION! Please also beware of being deceived by the appearance of huntresses. Some of them may appear to be your subordinates, but in reality, they may be spies for hostile forces. Their enchanting dance moves may be a healing balm after battles, but they can also instantly become the deadliest weapon. Don’t be fooled, restrain your instinctive desires, and dig into their true inner selves.

REPEAT REPEAT and REPEAT! This is a kingdom prepared for masters who love to idle, and there is no need to log in frequently, but please at least claim your rewards! What are three most important things about this game? It’s FUN, FUN and FUN!

HINT! As for the unique gameplays, it is suggested to explore them gradually. As far as I know, there are more than 20 gameplays that are waiting for you to discover, and they are all hidden in various little-known continents. Of course, as friendly reminder, if you stuck in some stages and cannot make right choices, please recruit your huntresses and they may guide you through them.

Alright, my advice ends here. I may talk too much, but anyway, there are too many indescribable places on this continent, so please come and experience it yourself. Thank you very much for reading this. I will regard you as my most precious friend. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my name is – Jack the Talker!

Good luck, the 503212221st outsider!

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