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Now 73 guns in one app. One of the most downloaded applications about guns, with real sounds of shots and reloads. If you are interested in weapons this app is just for you.

New Feature: Grid View – allows you to find weapons faster

To play or stop the sound of the shot, just click on the screen.

Now the real reload sounds for each weapon.o reload the gun click on the magazine icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

In this application, you will find a lot of sounds of shots from various types of firearms including shotguns, pistols, rifles, revolvers, SMG, sniper rifles and other arms.

In addition, you will find lots of information about each of the weapons, such as the manufacturer, muzzle velocity, effective range, rate of fire, weight, length, and more.

Seventy three sounds of shots from different gun in one application:

Shotgun, Gun with silencer, M1 Garand, AK-47 ( Kalashnikov ), M16, Uzi, Glock 17, Minigun, Thompson, P90, Desert Eagle, Colt M1911, Beretta M9, Mauser C96, M60, Sterling L2A3, Steyr AUG, Smith & Wesson Model 500, M14, Mauser 98k, MP 40, M3A1, AR-15, Famas F1, Dragunov SVD, H&K G36C, FN SCAR, M72LAW, Walther P99, PSG1, MP5, RPK, MAC-11, Glock 18, Stoner 63, L85A2, M110-SASS, M1919 Browning, МG42, Mosin–Nagant, KRISS Vector, M1 Carbine, M249 SAW, M1918, StG 44, Steyr Scout, FN F2000, Arctic Warfare, FN FAL, M224 Mortar, XM8, AKS-74U, HS10, M4A1, Walther P38, Walther WA 2000, IMI Galil, Colt Python, MP7, Barrett M82, Lahti L-39, M2 Browning, PPS-43, FB Beryl, PPSh-41, Solothurn S18/1000, Boys Mk 1, DShK, PTRS-41, Lewis-gun, FR F2, MSBS Grot, Remington 870 MCS.

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