Guide: Huawei Health Android info

Huawei Health app is a modern smartphone application that promotes professional monitoring of the state of the basic life processes of the human body. Huawei health mobile app allows you to monitor your health👩‍⚕️ and your physical activity. The app lets you keep a detailed record of information about your sleep habits, your weight history, your daily burned calories or your heart rate.

Huawei Health comes with a wide variety of features including your overall step count, calorie burns, and intensity on a large widget. There are records for your exercises or add your daily workout modes. There are following features:

1. Manage, record, and show all of your health and fitness data right on your device.

2. Manage your healthy living statistics such as sleep, steps, mood, breathing, and a lot more options.

3. Control your current health status.

All your data is shown in clear, dynamic graphs so you have a better understanding of your health in a more accessible way.

The Huawei Health mobile application is quite simple and convenient to use, does not require special knowledge in the field of information technology, which will allow users of different levels to quickly adapt to its functionality.


This application has no connection with the original app. Just be informed and in case of any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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