Green Monster Survival 4 Story App info

💥Players continue to solve the kindergarten’s abandoned secrets as they continue the narrative from parts 2 and 3. You are compelled to go more into the complex hidden basement structure. Discover the truth about the monster school while battling for survival with the intriguing locals.💥

With the introduction of numerous new identities in this fourth installment, the players have a vast underground realm to explore:

😈Sheriff Toadster, a pivotal character in the story, guides you inside each underground bunker.

😈Ziphiuss, Tamataki & Chamataki, as well as a strange newcomer known only as The Jester, are the lurking creatures the player must battle. Each of them will play a significant role in the developing plot.

😈The key to cracking the code is The Baby’s appearance, the main character’s sidekick.

Only in version4

✔️Jester, enormous monsters, and new locales are the obstacles in your path. Your objective is to locate the haunted room’s exit while avoiding the surrounding traps.

✔️Utilize your cunning, resourcefulness, and problem-solving skills to swiftly read encrypted communications, devise the best plan of action, and navigate your way out of the confusing kindergarten. hidden.

How to Play

🕹️ Easy to control: swipe to move, tap to jump over obstacles.

🕹️ Collect hidden messages and decode them: search for items, escape from traps, open doors.

🕹️Avoid poison ponds and countless other dangerous traps.

🕹️ Improve your skills, overcome challenges and unlock more levels.

💥💥💥 Join now on the journey to resolve the haunted school and escape the bizarre world of Green Monster Survival 4 Story💥💥💥

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