Gorilla Smash City Attack Game App info

New action & adventure game based on gorilla escape & jail break mission in Crazy Gorilla Smash City Attack Prison Escape games. Help wild gorilla to escape prison & plan perfect jail breakout in crazy gorilla simulator games. Show wild gorilla powers, fight for survival mission and smash city in ultimate gorilla games. Crazy gorilla kong sets jailbreak & prison break targets for survival mission in prison escape games.

Here we bring new concept in prison escape games! Angry gorilla gang has been captured as prisoner in secure jail. Help monster gorilla in prison break & escape mission to smash city jail. Play as the crazy gorilla and utilize prison escape games skills for ultimate gorilla simulator to escape from jailbreak of its enemies in gorilla rampage city attack. Angry gorilla is being kept on an island near central jail, in a lab for scientific experiments which turns him into a monster gorilla. Use wild gorilla rampage and survival skills to break prison cage in smash city attack games. Be careful from the prison security guards, use jailbreak strategy and complete the gorilla escape challenge in gorilla rampage attack game. Use police baton to face the prison guards and move like a shadow to free other mad gorilla gang members from prison lab.

Those who have held the crazy gorilla in prison, they will try their best to fail the jailbreak mission of gorilla escape in this wild gorilla rampage games. For this purpose, they will attack gorilla and try to finish it off before it runs away for city attack. This is the most challenging part as the king health of the kong gorilla will keep on declining due to blows and punches from the police & security guards in jail break games. Make sure to break the jail and escape prison before the health of crazy gorilla diminishes to minimum level. Move toward the jungle and become best Ape escape survivor in all gorilla survival games. Gorilla jail escape is an entertaining game with exciting levels and you have to complete levels to unlock new challenging gorilla escape missions in prison games.

Some prison jail security guards follow you and enter in the city. Try to catch apes who escape from city jail and bring wild gorilla back to jail but it’s time to save yourself  with the help of your gorilla surviving techniques in gorilla jail break games.

Key Features of Crazy Gorilla Smash City Attack – Prison Escape Games:

Challenging prison break & gorilla escape missions

Mad gorilla rampage shooting enemies to attack city

Malee fight hand combat, gun shooting and horse riding missions

Realistic prison jail escape environment and huge jungle

Intuitive controls and exciting gameplay

Amazing sound effects and optimized graphics

Download now and enjoy this new exciting Crazy Gorilla Smash City Attack Prison Escape Games and act as ape’s savior by completing jail escape missions.

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