Girls Hair Salon App info

As a young fashion girl, you become a Fashion Queen in girl’s eyes. Your fashion salon will open, and they all rush into your salon. 💇They hope that you can help them change their images and make them look perfect. Because of your unique fashion tastes, you can design pretty hairstyles for them.💇 As for you, a beautiful Fashion Queen, it’s easy to give them a great change in hairstyle, makeup and dressing up. Come and fulfill their dreams.


✂️ Know which kind of hairstyle the customers want

✂️ Clean their hair.

✂️ Cut hair for customers by using props in salon to realize their ideal hairstyles

✂️ After cutting, compare with the customers’ ideal hairstyles and get the benefits.

✂️ Unlock a new makeup shop and clothes shop later, and treat new customers in your new shops.

Hair salon is coming soon, and adorable girls can’t wait to show their own styles. They really trust you! You can also run your own shop with your families and friends and share happiness. So, come on today!

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