Gharwal Hiteshini Sabha info

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The second decade of the twentieth century was a period of struggle for political movement in the history of India. The reins of independence were in the hands of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. In the non-cooperation movement of 1920, there was active participation of all regions, societies and classes of the whole of India. Garhwali community also had full participation in this movement. At that time there was English rule. The Government of India used to function from Delhi for six months and Shimla for six months. In such an environment, due to the successful efforts of few migrant Garhwalis in Shimla city, the Garhwal Sarva Hitaishini Sabha was formed in 1923 at Raisaheb Puranmal’s Dharamshala in Shimla. According to the need of the time, the main objective of the meeting was to try for mutual organization and progress of the migrant Garhwalis. But the Sarv Hitishini Sabha was able to work actively only for two-three years and then remained dormant for a long time, about 8-9 years. In the meantime, several unsuccessful attempts were made to revive the Sabha. On August 9, 1936, the activities of the Sabha became active after the elections were held again on August 9, 1936, but due to mutual dispute, some members challenged this election in Ambala Court. On May 19, 1938, the Court, on August 9, Validated the 1936 election. As a result, the meeting was divided into two parts due to difference of opinion. The part led by Mr. Anand Singh Negi, Acharya Jodhsingh Rawat and Mr. Gobind Ram Chandola came to be known as Garhwal Hitaishini Sabha and the other part led by Mr. Gokul Dev Doval continued in the name of Garhwal Sarv Hitaishini Sabha but due to mutual differences. The reason broke down within a few months.

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