Geopoly – Tycoon Idle Game App info

Welcome to Geopoly, the ultimate real estate business simulator and tycoon game developed by Widow Games! Immerse yourself in the exciting world of property investment and become the largest real estate tycoon in the world. With Geopoly, you can turn your dreams of becoming a billionaire into a reality.

In this idle business simulator game, you have the opportunity to buy, sell, and rent properties, buildings, and shops just like in the real world. Start your real estate empire from scratch and strategically make investments to grow your wealth exponentially. Explore the real world metaverse, using drones or satellites, to find the most interesting cities and lucrative real estate opportunities.

As the landlord tycoon of thousands of real properties, it’s your responsibility to invest wisely and upgrade your portfolio within Geopoly’s metaverse. Increase your income and rise to the top of the capitalist world. Create additional revenue streams by starting auctions and receiving real-time bids from millions of players worldwide. Maximize your profits by utilizing your own digital collectible locations and completing daily missions for extra rewards.

Geopoly not only provides thrilling gameplay but also offers a valuable learning experience. Discover the ins and outs of trading, investing, and managing properties in the most entertaining business simulator game. Test your skills in the property market, run your own real estate business, and learn the secrets to getting rich in real estate. Become a property management guru and watch your empire grow.

Networking is a crucial aspect of success in the business world, and Geopoly understands that. Join our strong Discord and Telegram communities to connect with fellow tycoon business partners. Collaborate, trade properties, and power up your empire to reach new heights.

Compete against players from around the globe to climb to the top of the multi-millionaire global rankings. Strategize, trade, and make smart decisions to emerge as the richest real estate entrepreneur in the world. This idle virtual property strategy game allows you to buy digital collectibles, earning you rewards and the opportunity to become the greatest billionaire in the virtual realm.

Geopoly is more than just a game. It is a geolocation economic simulator that offers a unique experience of renting, buying, upgrading, and selling real-life businesses worldwide. Your main goal is to build a business empire and become the greatest tycoon. Explore your neighborhood or venture into different parts of the world to discover exciting business opportunities. Turn your properties into NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) and unlock special rewards.

Complete daily missions to earn Biggy Coins, which can be traded for free NFTs and in-game currency.

In this economic simulator, seize opportunities, rent, buy, invest, and sell in the largest capitalist game in the world. Generate as much revenue as possible and expand your business exponentially. Start from scratch and build the most impressive real estate empire ever seen. Explore popular cities, acquire your favorite buildings, and upgrade your branches to dominate the market. Compete against other players locally and globally to secure your place on Geopoly’s Ranking.

Geopoly has received recognition for its innovation and excellence. During its soft launch, it was selected as one of the four most innovative mobile games on iOS in the region by the Apple Latam team. Furthermore, Geopoly was chosen out of over 1700 applicants across 37 countries to participate in the prestigious Global Google’s Indie Games Accelerator in 2019.

Download Geopoly now and embark on a journey to become the owner of the first global real estate empire. Start building your real estate empire and fulfill your billionaire aspirations today!

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