Funny Ringtones App info

😂 There are 99 free funny ringtones that are loud and clear.

😆 Simply press each button to listen and preview the loud and clear ringtone. If you like it, press and hold the button. Then select either notification, ringtone, alarm, or contact.

😂 Download now and you can set a funny sound for each of your contacts so you will know who is calling without even looking!

😆 These free high volume silly songs are perfect for notifications, ringtones or alarms.

😂 This application can be used with most phones or tablets. This easy and free application allows you to make your phone or tablet very unique.

😆 Best of all this application is free!

According to our many users the best silly sounds are:

😘 Kisses

💩 Fart

🤗 Hello

🤣 Superhero

🤡 Circus

😂 You are not limited to the notifications, alarms and ringtones that come with your device. Use this application to make your device your own.

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