Football Squad Builder App info

– Quickly create your national team, plan for your favorite team, football tactic board

– Arrange the position of the player and make a football tactic board.

– Create team soccer and define soccer strategy board.

– Make a football tactic board for a national football team.

– Define outline and scenarios of the football match with your own squad.

– Make the draft and guess starting players as football proposal

– Design your football player and draw scheme (attack stream) and planning board

– Design football strategy in many ways you like.

– Build stratagem and draw scheme for your football squad, choose lineup team.

– Share your loved dream team on a social networks.

– Choose your loved national team and build everything that your want

– Drawing system supports you to create a line of attack, attack style.

– Remind legend football players.

– Great to design your owner team, choose your loved player in many football players in many national squads, even design your owner stadium

– Football draft for you

– Soccer coach board for any online coach

– Build your dream football team for the southeast Asian football Championship, Euro football Championship, South America football Championship, Africa football Championship, and other football tournaments

– Main features :

+ Football team maker

+ Football planning maker

+ Football tactics board, football playbook

+ Football lineup maker

+ Football strategy board

+ Football stadium maker

+ Football pitch maker

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