Flags On the Globe App info

Flags on the Globe is an educational fun app that allows you to learn the flags of countries, to learn the location of these countries on a 3D globe, as well as the capital of states.

The app features more than 240 flags to be memorized in several different ways.

The following options are available:

* Flags on the globe – you need to correctly specify the name of the country on the flag located on the globe

* Quiz Level

* The level at a time to choose the maximum number of correct options for 1 minute

* Flying flags are the most difficult level – you need to choose the right flags that fly in space, and their number increases with the wrong answer

* Globe you can choose any flag on the Globe

* List of flags, all flags are presented in alphabetical order, the ability to search, and display the country on the globe.

* Cards are a good way to memorize flags.

The application is translated into 20 languages, including English, German, Spanish and many others. You will have the opportunity to study countries in different languages.

Also, the application is suitable for sports fans – it will be easy for you to determine the national flag of any team.

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