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Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG – Immerse yourself in a captivating idle battler RPG filled with magical heroes, thrilling adventures, and endless action! Board the star rail to a world where you can choose to let your heroes auto-battle AFK or unleash a clicker frenzy to vanquish monstrous bosses. In this universe, some heroes even attain the status of the immortal, continuing to fight relentlessly even when the odds are stacked against them. Embrace the spirit of a true royale adventure, collect legendary heroes, become an idle tycoon, make a fortune, and upgrade their skills and equipment. Engage in royale battles, chat with guild friends, and let your immortal heroes clash in epic PVP battles – all in the palm of your hand!

🧙‍♂️ Unleash Your Hero Potential

Assemble your ultimate team of wizards, knights, and archers. Unlock and collect legendary heroes throughout your journey, level up their skills and abilities, and send them into AFK battles to dominate the fantasy realm! Feel the royale power of your champions as they clash with the enemy.

🧚 Embark on a Rich Fantasy RPG Adventure

Discover the breathtaking Realm of Alandria, from the icy Frostfire to the pirate-infested Tortuga Bay and the lush Ebony Jungle. Encounter dwarves, orcs, fairies, and the undead, and uncover whispers of mythical dragons lurking in the shadows. Each region is a royale challenge waiting to be conquered!

⚔️ Experience Non-Stop Auto Battles

Your heroes never rest, but you can! Sit back and watch your chibi-style paladins, assassins, archers, and magicians hack and slash their way through hordes of monsters. Or, accelerate the action with frantic clicker gameplay to unleash a magical bullet storm upon the undead armies in this royale struggle! Put your explosives behind the enemy lines and watch them go bang bang kaboom!

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Forge Bonds in Multiplayer

Join a guild and connect with fellow players in Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG. Harness the power of social gaming to benefit from guild-wide buffs, increased mission rewards, and unlock thrilling raids and expeditions. Engage in lively chats with your new friends and strategize your next moves in this royale fellowship!

⚔️ Battle it Out in the PVP Arena

Assemble your ultimate team and prove your prowess in non-stop PVP battles. Rise through the ranks on the leaderboards in Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG and show the world your unrivaled skill and strategy! Test your heroes in the ultimate royale showdown!

💡 Master the Art of Deep Progression

Unlock the secrets of AFK research and craft potent runes and equipment upgrades for your heroes. Harness the power of incremental bonuses to topple even the mightiest bosses and ascend the leaderboards in the Arena of Kings. Progress through this royale journey with tactical precision!

Dive into a World of Endless Features:

Events ⭐ Quests ⭐ Talent Trees ⭐ Alchemy ⭐ Mini Card Games ⭐ Achievements ⭐ Avatars

At Firestone: An Idle Clicker RPG, we are dedicated to delivering a unique and casual Idle RPG experience. We love hearing from our players and value your feedback. Join our Discord community and share your thoughts and suggestions!


Thanks and have fun battling in this royale adventure!

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