Fashion Doll Movie Quiz info

Welcome to the enchanting world of Fashion Doll Movie Magic, where you get to immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood while guessing the actors’ names from beautiful paintings! As the official mobile game for the latest Fashion Doll movie, this delightful guessing game will challenge your memory and movie knowledge as you embark on a journey filled with fun, adventure, and famous faces.

Key Features:

Stunning Movie-Inspired Paintings: Dive into a visually captivating experience as you encounter vibrant and detailed paintings featuring iconic scenes from the Fashion Doll movie. Each artwork showcases a leading actor or actress from the film, making your guessing adventure all the more exciting.

Guess the Actor: Margot, Ryan, Dua and all others! Test your knowledge of the Fashion Doll movie and Hollywood stars as you try to identify the actors behind the movie characters. Use your intuition, memory, and movie buff skills to correctly guess the names of the actors portrayed in each painting.

Coins and Rewards: Earn coins for every correct answer and challenge you complete. Use these coins to unlock hints, ask for help from friends, or unveil a few letters of the actor’s name to make your guessing task easier. Collect rewards for progressing through levels and achieving milestones.

Ask Friends for Help: Stuck on a tricky puzzle? No worries! Seek assistance from your friends by sharing the painting with them directly from the game. Collaborate with friends and engage in lively discussions to crack the identities of the mystery actors.

Level Up with Coins: Want to level up faster? Purchase coins from the in-game store to accelerate your progress and unlock even more exciting levels and paintings. But remember, your movie knowledge and memory skills are the ultimate keys to success!

Unique and Challenging Puzzles: Each painting represents a cinematic masterpiece, and identifying the actors isn’t always a walk in the park. Prepare to be challenged by diverse puzzles that will keep you entertained and hooked for hours.

Stunning Art Gallery: As you make progress in the game, unlock new paintings and create your very own art gallery. Admire the beautiful artwork and revisit your favorite movie moments anytime you like.

Daily Rewards: Log in daily to claim special rewards and bonuses. The more consistent you are, the more coins and hints you’ll receive to aid your quest in becoming a master guesser.

No Time Limit, Play at Your Pace: Relax and enjoy the game without any time pressure. Fashion Doll Movie Quiz allows you to play at your own pace, making it the perfect pastime for all fashion and movie enthusiasts.

Embark on this exciting journey of uncovering famous Hollywood stars and celebrate the magic of movies with Fashion Doll Movie Quiz! Download the game now and let the guessing games begin!

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