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Excel Mobility provides mobile and nursing aids for the elderly and the disabled to provide intelligent battery management systems for wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, electric wheelchairs and boosters, which can be connected via Bluetooth to monitor battery status and collect data in real time Store and process information during battery operation, and exchange information with external devices, so that the following content can be seen intuitively during use:

1. Display real-time voltage, current, power, internal resistance and other parameter values, and display them in the form of instrument panels and numbers;

2. Display the real-time voltage and alarm status of all single batteries. If the reported parameters trigger the alarm value or protection value, an alarm will be prompted;

3. The comparison of each data of the battery cell, the voltage difference. Maximum voltage cell Minimum voltage cell. And the display of cell balance

4. Cell temperature warning. Real-time alarm for over temperature, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage

5. Record the warnings that occur at each moment.

Hope Excel Mobility can help you learn more about the convenience of using batteries

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