Edge lighting – live wallpaper App info

Edge lighting app creates a beautiful looking colorful rounded corner border to your smartphone home screen and lock screen.

You can set edge lighting borderlight live wallpaper or static both features are included inside the app. Also, you can adjust the animation speed.

Main features of this app.

Create cool looking edge lighting live wallpaper.

● Adjust animation speed.

● Add border styles to the borderlight.

● All types of notches are supported.

● Add your own images as background or draw using in app drawing.

● Use your name as colorful animated live wallpaper with or without edge screen.

● You can also create gradient or solid color wallpaper.

● Use any of your creation as static home screen background.

● Customize border thickness, styles, notch width, height, border colors, speed etc.

● Import or export your created themes in one click.

Steps to create edge lighting live wallpaper using this app.

On the home screen and tap create new. There are many options like animation, border, notch, color, background, border styles, time etc.

Animation – Enable the animation if you want to create a moving wallpaper or keep it disabled for static. Increase or decrease speed as you wish. Medium speed is recommended.

Border – Enable the border if you want edge lighting borderlight. Also, there are a lot of border styles to choose.

Notch – If your device has a notch select your notch type like drop, infinity u, infinity v etc.

Colors – Adjust colours of rounded border. You can select colour using colour selector or long press to add your custom colour code.

Background There are six features inside background section.

You can add custom drawing or PNG images and add colors to it as use as live wallpaper or draw your own using in app drawing feature. Also, use your own image as background wallpaper. Use your name or any text as colorful animated gradient live wallpaper.

We have made this app very easy and free to use. Your feedback is important to us. Kindly write us if you have any query or suggestion.

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