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~ Learning English is no big deal with Easy English News ~

Todai Easy English News is an application for English self-study through news every day. The news is divided into levels from easy to difficult, helping users improve their English listening – speaking – reading – writing skills quickly and effectively.

Easy English – an effective English news reading solution. Being able to look up vocabulary directly on the article, the application helps learners understand the article deeply, increase vocabulary and reading comprehension. With only 20 minutes a day, after a month you will make great progress.

ALL IN ONE – Only 1 app, including all the features you need to “study English at home”:


✔ Daily news updates with short and concise English versions from official sources

✔ Listen to English articles with American and British accents

✔ Look up any words, phrases and sentences with one touch

✔ Save new words in your notebook to review with flashcards

✔ Translate English articles yourself and share with friends

✔ Highlight IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL vocabulary

=> With 2 levels (easy and difficult), Easy English News is suitable for each learner’s ability


✔ Look up new words’ meanings and see examples in sentences

✔ Read more frequently used sentence structures and collocations

✔ Understand grammar with English-Vietnamese dictionary with built-in grammar analysis

✔ See illustrated pictures, x3 ability to memorize vocabulary


✔ Practice listening to English with trending videos

✔ Practice listening to English with latest and hottest news

✔ Experience top-quality Podcasts (VOA, TED, 6 Minute English …) to make listening activity more interesting

✔ Full transcript for all videos


✔ Take proficiency tests every day

✔ Latest TOEIC mock tests, same as taking real test

✔ Various types of exercises as in real test to make study English easier

It has been proven that reading English news every day helps increase reading comprehension skills and improve band score whether you take the TOEIC, IELTS or TOEFL exam.

★★★ The application “Easy English News: TODAI” is suitable for:

* People who want to self-study English at home

* People who want to increase their English vocabulary

* People who want to learn to listen and speak English quickly and fluently

* English learners aiming and preparing for IELTS, TOEIC, TOEFL qualification

* People who intermittently study or previous study process being interrupted and did not study effectively

* Learners want to revise knowledge and innovate learning methods

* People who want to challenge themselves with higher levels, improve listening – speaking skills.

The method of learning English through news every day not only helps you learn English vocabulary effectively, but also helps you learn the structures and usage of vocabulary in everyday life.

⚠ Tip for you: With Easy English’s diverse and multi-topic English articles, you will be exposed to all kinds of unfamiliar vocabulary, avoiding confusion during the exam. During reading, learners will also practice Reading skills such as skimming – to understand the main ideas, scanning – to find information that interests you. These are two extremely important skills that will shorten the time doing tests and increase results quickly.

Persistence creates success, Easy English will remind you to read every day, easily create habit of reading English news for you. Let’s download the app and learn today!

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