Droid Dashcam App info

Droid Dashcam is a great driving video recorder (dashboard camera, BlackBox) app for car/vehicle drivers which can continuously record videos in loop mode, add subtitles with needed information directly on those videos (read below) and record in background, autostart recording and much more.


* Hardcoded (embedded) Subtitles – Overlay Captions directly on Recording Video file:

– Timestamp (Date)

– Location Address

– GPS Coordinates

– Speed (based on GPS data)

– Vehicle registration plate (car number)

* Background Video Recording – you can continue recording in background and use other apps which doesn’t use camera. You can also use notification panel to start/stop recording while this app is running in background.

* Loop Recording – auto deleting old video files when there is not enough space for new videos (you can set max space usage for all videos)

* Options for autostarting recording on charging on/off, on system boot, on Bluetooth device connection/disconnection, AUX-cable connection, or on app launch

* Small (Lightweight) app size

* Automatic change of day and night video recording mode

* Landscape and Portrait Orientations for video recording

* Share or upload a selected video to various services

* Recording in Shared Movies folder or App owned folders (phone and external SDcard storages) – can be set in the settings

* Lock videos from overwriting (G-shock sensor) on impact detection

* Videos Screen which allows selecting video you want and playing it using any video player app you have, deleting selected videos

* Easy to use, simple UI, the configuration of the buttons displayed on the screen, etc.

* Camera selection – you can use any camera for recording (rear/front) but only some devices allows to choose camera with wide-angle lens

* Taking photos

* Floating window with control buttons on top of all applications

* FAQ * https://github.com/HelgeApps/droid_dashcam_faq/wiki/en – answers to frequent questions or feature requests like

– Video Stabilization (EIS, Electronic stabilization) is not available in the app

– Multiple cameras / wide lens camera not available in the app

– Battery usage is high, battery drains fast, device becomes hot

* Language of app

If you wish to help translate app to your language, then you can find existing languages at


Use whatever language you know to translate into your language

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