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View and control your boat’s systems from anywhere with the Dometic Marine MTC app. Check the status of all connected devices from swipeable tiles on the app’s dashboard. Control push notification alerts based on your preferences. Protect valuable devices like engines and MFDs using Security Loop technology.

The app connects with the Dometic DCM digital switching system over Bluetooth to provide you with lightning fast control of all your switches and the devices connected to them.

To get started, you’ll need Dometic Gateway DMG210 installed on your boat and the free Dometic Marine MTC app.


-Battery voltage: Remotely monitor your battery voltage status and voltage history. The system will send you a push notification if battery voltage is below the level you set.

-Bilge pump cycle count: Find out if have a leak issue and if your boat is in immediate danger. You can set alerts based on number of cycles per hour or based on continuous run time. Review historical bilge pump activity to look for negative trends in pump duty cycle.

-Tank levels: Any tank on the network can be monitored. Check fuel tanks for fuel levels before you get to your boat. Monitor fresh, gray or black water tanks.


-GPS location. Set up geofence alerts to protect your vessel from theft.

-Security:Protect your engine or any other device on your boat through security loop protection. Get alerts if they are being removed from your boat.


-DMG210 Gateway integrates with Dometic DCM digital switching and allows you to control any connected loads on the boat with same functionality as you have on your MFD

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