CoTrip – Rideshare, carpooling App info

Free service to create carpooling rides for intercity trips. Free search, free ride creation, zero commissions.

Do you whant to decrease your costs for fuel? Share your ride with interesting person and this person will pay you for fuel.

CoTrip is the most affordable car transportation option for intercity trips across Russia. Explore beauty of Russia with CoTrip app and share ride with others.

Cheap travels made easy with CoTrip – easy carpool app. Just wirte “from”, “to” and your travel date and you will find drivers who ready to take you with them. Pay only for fuel, nothing more!

Find new travel companions, decrease CO2 footprint of your trip and save money with CoTrip – ridesharing app.

Download CoTrip – carpool app, and search for a journey to see if anyone is heading towards your destination.

In case of any questions, please feel free to mail us at:

We encourage you to share link to this application with your friends – as more drivers and users we have, as more reliable service you may get.

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