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Discover the Contacts app, iCallScreen app and iOS Phone Dialer/Dialpad.

By Using Contacts you can easily and quickly add and manage new contacts, and search for people and businesses you need to contact.

Contacts is an easy and fast way to find contact information for local businesses. Back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices. Safely back up the contacts in your account to the cloud & Access the contacts!

My Contacts is the world’s leading Contact (phone book) and dialer app. Contact is a true all-in-one contacts app with dialpad, Caller ID, Spam block & many more!


– Optional sorting of contacts into groups and arrangement by first or last name

Call features such as: easy access to calendar, notes and alarms

– Contacts can be provided in many categories with information

– Extensive search function

– View your contacts by account

– Changes to contacts are automatically saved

– Easy Dialer app can make default Phone Handler

– Easily add contacts and edit information like phone numbers, emails, and photos

– Get suggestions for adding new contacts, merging duplicates, and more

– you can select opening the dialer over the contacts or call log screen to reach your favorite screen in a snap!

– Large buttons and display for quick, easy dialing

– Optional contact button to dial directly from you contact list

– Dialer – quickly search by name & numbers

– Block calls – easily block unwanted calls

– Content backup, restore and google drive cloud storage

– Download & print the report of incoming & outgoing calling history by calculating total number of time talk

– Easy to use as smart dialer

– Contact merge, block, add, delete, rename, edit, filter

In addition, the more features are provided

1) Manage contacts (add, edit, view and remove)

2) Communicate (Voice call, Video call, SMS, Instant Messaging)

3) Block incoming spam phone calls and SMSs

4) Make a call on T9 dialer

5) Search people and phone numbers on T9 Dialer

Smart Contacts it’s a call or sms – you’re always in control!

Smart Contact Phone Book App Speed dial – Double tap to call

Contacts Plus Merge duplicate contacts

Phone Number Smart Contact Phone Book

Smart Contact App

Phone number smart contact app for managing your contacts. Contacts will help you keeping your contract, Contacts Group in one place without the hassle of backing up your contacts as the contacts backup are always in sync with the recent contacts/contact groups you add!

My Contacts Backup

Whenever you add a new contact, the contacts backup automatically ensuring the integrity of contacts. Automatically contacts sync with account.

Smart Contact Group

You can display your favorite people or groups on a separate list. Groups can be used for sending out batch emails or SMS, to save you some time, you can rename them easily.


Enjoy all the fantastic features that the iOS 15 call screen provides. Jump on a conference call or customize your phone dialer screen. It’s up to you.

Slide to answer button 💖

Everyone wants the “slide to answer button.” The iCallScreen app gives you a feel like an actual iPhone slide to answer button on iOS 15.

Flash on Call 💥

Blink a flashlight while the incoming call rings and adjust flash preference as per your preference.

Call back screen📞

After hanging up, the call, call back screens comes for you to recall, send a message, block, or make a note of calls.

Dark Mode 🌓

The dark mode option is available to optimize battery life. Customize the dialpad with your preferred color.

Start using amazing iCallScreen and discover iOS Phone Dialer / Dialpad today!

Contact is the best phone calling app. Phone helps you easily connect with family and friends, block spam callers.

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for our caller theme.

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