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As a versatile Chinese dictionary app, Hanzii is proud to be your companion and support you on your journey to conquer Mandarin Chinese.

What Hanzii Chinese translator can do for you:

★Translate English to Mandarin faster and more easily.

• Translate English to Chinese Traditional and English to Chinese Simplified.

• Directly translate Chinese to English free with handwriting, voice, and camera.

• Quickly translate Chinese English text, documents, and conversations with OCR technology.

★A powerful Chinese English dictionary that can help you look up words, grammar and Chinese characters easily.

• 50,305 Chinese characters including Simplified Characters, Traditional Characters, pinyin, stroke-order, and audio.

• Practice writing Traditional Chinese characters and Simplified Chinese characters with stroke order animation.

• Analyze the structure of Hanzi word sets

★Memorize Mandarin Chinese vocabulary.

• Look up vocabulary from English to Chinese and create your own vocabulary notebooks.

• Learn available Mandarin to English notebooks divided into different levels and topics.

• Review daily with flashcards to memorize better.

★Practice HSK and TOCFL test.

• Take hundreds of HSK and TOCFL tests with time counter.

• Check wrong answers and detailed explanations.

★Join Hanzii community.

• Share your knowledge.

• Ask for help advice about your Chinese learning.

• Make friends to learn Mandarin Chinese together.

Special features to enhance your learning experience:

• Offline Chinese English dictionary and English to Chinese translator: look up and translate traditional Chinese to English or English to Chinese simplified without internet connection.

• Multiple learning devices: use one account for different devices.

• Ads removal: study without being distracted by advertisements.

With Hanzii Mandarin Chinese translator, Chinese is not a nightmare any longer. We are always by your side on your path to fluency!

Besides, you can use the online version of Hanzii Chinese English Dictionary at

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