Chiamabus-Sirmione info

Chiamabus-Sirmione is the on-demand service with flexible routes and timetables, that meets all your travel needs.

With Chiamabus-Sirmione, you can book your rides from the App at the time you prefer within the service’s availability zones, at the desired pick-up and drop-off stops within the area.

Areas covered by the service

Municipality of Sirmione

Service times and days

The app allows you to book within the service hours


Enter the departure/destination address and/or geolocate on the App: the App will show you the best stop and you can choose the most convenient for you.


Tickets can be purchased from Arriva Italia onboard or at the ticket office (or you can travel with the card issued by the Municipality of Sirmione).

Trip cancellation

To cancel a trip already booked you can do so via the Chiamabus-Sirmione app.


Bookings/cancellations on the Chiamabus-Sirmione App. Purchase on board or in resale.

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