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You’re the new girl in high school, and you’ve decided to try out for the cheerleader squad! Join the squad, choose your dancing dress and show ‘em what you got in these cheerleading girl games! Your dance skills will help you become a cheerleader pro, and maybe even captain of the high school team! Help your squad win first prize in the big cheer dance off in these high school girl games!

You just joined a cool new high school, where being a cheerleader is like being a superstar in girl games! You’ve just got to join the cheerleader squad! The squad will thank you for teaching them all your great dance moves! You’ll even get to choreograph the cheer routines and choose the best dancing dress! Help your squad win the trophy and beat all those other squads in the big cheerleading dance-off event of the year!


> Try out for the cheerleader squad at your new school – they’ll be begging you to join them!

> Become a cheerleading superstar! Your new bestie is the cheerleader captain, and the captain of the basketball team is SO cute! Will he notice you?!

> Get ready for the cheer dance-off event of the year! Get a killer makeover, a beautiful hairstyle, nice dancing dress and dress up in a superstar outfit!

> Work out at the gym to build up your cheerleader muscles!

> Oh no! You got an injury! Go to the doctor and get better before the competition of the champions!

> Getting a little nervous? Relax at the spa before the champions’ competition!

> Dress up in the coolest cheerleader champions dancing dress outfits ever!

> Decorate the stage for the big cheer dance off contest!

> Choreograph your squad’s cheerleading dance routine – they’ll love it! But will the snobby judge?

> Keep your eyes on the 1st place prize, and cheer your way to the top!

> Dance ‘til you drop with a dance girl games minigame!

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