CatCafe info

Are you tired of modern buzz and people fussing all around?

Relax and plunge into the atmosphere of 1920s. Watch how cute cats in charming aprons and chef’s hats build and run a café.

It is a perfect time to start your restaurant business.

Get started with a small hot-dog stand and a little bit of cash. Show your management skills, earn enough money and invest them into buying a food-track. And go on! Expand your business, build new cafes to become a millionaire and a restaurant tycoon.

Well trained amazing cats will be your perfect workers.

Hire more chefs and make them cook and serve various dishes to the customers. Don’t make your guests wait and fulfill their orders to earn tips!

Manage your restaurant: invest into new equipment and improve your recipes. Help your cats to cook quicker and raise your prices.

Find out what delicious food you cat-chefs can cook!

Try hot-dogs and lemonade, pies and cakes, candy apples and ice-cream and many more sweets and snacks. Learn what you nicely dressed animal guest prefer to eat.

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of 1920s with this restaurant tycoon simulator. Relax, achieve and investigate the possibilities of cat café world.

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