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Cat Escape: THE Cat Game!

Among all the cat games out there, Cat Escape is the one unique, funny, and satisfying puzzle you need for a paw-some time. Control the cutest peppy cat in its sneaky and action-filled adventure — hiding from every sly security guard and escaping traps will bring you to the green door and rewards behind it. Start the cat rescue and meow your way out!

A Hit Cat Simulator with A – maze – ing Twists

Are you a fan of kitty games with lots of purr-sonality? Are you on the lookout for more addicting games about cats? Cat Escape has been exactly that for over 2 years and 50 million Android gamers! It doesn’t matter if you prefer cats or dogs: our furry escape artist will keep you entertained with carefully designed bite-size puzzles for all animal lovers out there.

Each level of Cat Escape is a labyrinth of traps and security guards trying to trap the cat! They’re armed with kitty detectors, nets, and the only command running through their minds: not to let this cat run away! Beware: levels of this escape game get progressively more challenging! Lucky for you, unlike other cat games, there’s not a dog around, but lots of power-ups and spots to hide for your sneaky gato:

😼Hideouts: to take a break from hide and seek, evade the guards by sneaking into a closet, a perfect hideaway! This shelter is safe until you’re ready to continue the pet rescue mission.

😻Cat Food: if you find a bowl of cat food, eat it! It’s so nutritious, that it will turn your sweet tomcat into a really bad kitty that can knock down walls.

😺Plant Cat Costume: When wearing one, you can pretend you’re not a kitten but a plant. Peekaboo with the enemies trying to trap the cat — complete stealth guaranteed!

😼Guns: If you feel like being a fierce battle cat, our puzzle kitty game lets you be one. Use guns to knock out guards or hit walls, or even get inside a tank to feel like you own this cat world!

😸Portals: Use them to instantly teleport your peppy cat and continue your cat quest in another part of the room. We doubt you’ve seen this in other free cat games!

😺Buttons: Push buttons to eliminate electric cats traps or remove pet barriers that won’t let your pet escape. Or, perhaps, turn a trap on and shock the guards?

Customizable Ginger Cat

In this cat simulator, if you get tired of the yellow cat you start with, change the look! You can pick from many skins to change the cat breed — siamese, white, or even gray like Talking Tom — or turn your kitty cat into something completely different: vampire, unicorn, spider, pirate, detective… It’s a whole army of battle cats! Mix and match the skin you choose with many available trails: hearts, feathers, bubbles, rainbows, and some other extra silly options (you have to see them!). In this cat-simulator puzzle, it’s so easy to make your kitten match your mood or the level you play — keep your adventure in style!

The Most Satisfying Levels Among All Cats Games

A satisfying mix of adorable and funny, challenging and relaxing, Cat Escape is the top-tier feline adventure among other kitty cat games. With its clean and colorful 3d graphics, ASMR-like purring, and tapping of the little paws, Cat Escape is a treat for your senses.

Sneak, hide, and run to the exit, one paw at a time. Use your logic and brain power to move through hundreds of satisfying levels — unseen in other kitten games. In this cat game, you’ll visit a cat school, a museum, and even a vampire mansion — each designed to make your cat life difficult. Don’t worry — you’ve got it! Among other cat-games, Cat Escape is the one feel-good cats game that always keeps you entertained and satisfied.

Let the Hiding Games Begin!

No need to wait for the World Cat Day: download Cat Escape for free and check for yourself why this hyper-casual cat-simulator is so adored by all fans of kitten games and beyond. Enjoy it and don’t forget to check out the rest of the fun, addictive, and clever hyper-casual games created by Sunday.

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