Capella Lecturio info

Welcome to Capella Lecturio, your online academy.


– Video lectures: Learn & review all relevant concepts faster, easier

– Learning Material: Download a PDF of any lecture’s slides for later reference

– Qbank Tests: Apply your knowledge and solve clinical case questions

– Spaced Repetition Quiz: reinforce knowledge, driven by a smart learning algorithm

– Bookmatcher: Find the right videos for your text book

– Bookmarks: Organize lectures in your own lists

– Study planner: Plan your learning goals

– Text Book Articles: Deepen and reinforce your knowledge

– Learning progress control: Check your progress for each course

– Synchronization between all devices: Simply continue learning seamlessly on another device

– Offline availability: Learn on the go

– Notes: Create notes about your lectures

– Playback speed: Adjust the speed of the videos to your learning speed

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