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Callbreak Star play is a strategic-based card game that is popular in India and Nepal. It’s Similar

to Spades and Call bridge, Play Callbreak Multiplayer any time anywhere, It’s also known as



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Game Rules

This popular Indian playing cards game is played by four players with a standard deck of 52

playing cards, This game is played in 5 rounds. Spades are always the trump. The dealer gives

13 cards to each player. At the beginning of the game, players will bid on how many card hands

they will win. Callbreak multiplayer game is about winning a maximum number of hands but also

breaking other people’s bids. This is called call breaking.

How to play?

Call break brings classic and popular card games with a multiplayer feature, The multiplayer

cards game is similar to other trick-based games, especially spades.

Deal & Bidding

Players are dealt with 13cards each starting from the left of the dealer. The first dealer of call

break play will be chosen randomly and after that, The turn to deal rotates clockwise from the

first dealer.


In the call break game Each player bids a number of tricks between 1 and 13 starting from the

left of the dealer, Player has to achieve this goal in order to get a positive score.


A player can take as many tricks as its bid, They will receive points equal to their bid, Additional

tricks are counted as 0.1 points each, If a player hasn’t won tricks as their bid, they will get as

many negative points as they bid.

There will be five rounds of play or five deals in a game, At the end of the fifth round the winner

will be declared, and the player with the higher total points will win the game.

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