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Carpooling takes you anywhere: pick from thousands of destinations and find a ride practically door-to-door.

Book or publish your next ride on BlaBlaCar!


Driving somewhere?

Share your ride and save on travel costs!

• Publish your next ride in just minutes: it’s easy and fast

• Decide who goes with you: review passengers’ profiles and ratings to know who you’re travelling with.

• Enjoy the ride: that’s how easy it is to start saving on travel costs!

Want to go somewhere?

Book, meet and travel at low prices no matter where you’re going.

• Search for a ride among thousands of destinations.

• Find the ride closest to you: there’s maybe one leaving from just around the corner.

• Book a seat instantly or request a seat: it’s simple!

• Find a ride practically door-to-door and get closer to where you want to go.


Note: Continued use of GPS in the background can decrease battery lifetime considerably.


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