Altimeter GPS: Barometer Tool App info

Altimeter is a smart tracking devices, used to altitude measure. It is perfect app for people who love hiking, skiing, mountain biking and other outdoor activities. Any time and with high precision you can check altitude, elevation or localization coordinates. It works online and offline.

Save Altitude History with Chart

This app has lots of unique features. Save history of altitude. You can take your picture with your current location. You can edit location in you picture. You can measure elevation from ground level. Localization coordinates latitude longitude.

Altimeter App Online & Offline

This is the best and smart tracking app of altitude and elevation. You can measure accurate altitude and altitude in feet or meters. Localization coordinates Latitude and longitude, best map online and offline.

All Modes of Map with Localization Coordinates

This Altimeter app has the GPS Map and offline Map. The Map has some mode of terrain, this is Hybrid and Satellite mode. This is the best Map. This map tracking your changing location trajectory.

Smart Compass – Direction Finder

Find your Accurate direction with this Smart compass. Best digital compass. Find your address with longitude and latitude. This compass has slope level meter. Magnetic strength and sensor status. Magnetic heading and true heading.

GPS and Offline map works in flight mode. Record your Altitude history and share with Images and you can edit your image. This is the best off-road Map app. best app for hiking and skating on mountains. Barometer pressure sensor is a another unique feature.

Altimeter GPS & Altitude Meter Compass is the fast elevation tracker and altitude finder app. You can get exact altitude and measure in feets or meters with accurate altitude elevation. Smart GPS Altimeter is developed for that type of peoples those love to Hiking, and Mountain Climbing. Altitude Altimeter – Barometer Finder is also work offline without internet, you didn’t need to connect with an internet to operate this app. Smart GPS Altimeter also known as true elevation tracker so you can get accurate elevation and altitude. You can calibrate your elevation altitude by press the refresh button.

GPS Altimeter – Elevation Altitude Compass

Tap on Smart Altimeter then you can get the exact Altitude Value with Barometer Gauge and current location values with longitude and latitude. Mountain Altimeter GPS Tracking – Hiking Altitude is totally offline. You can get the exact Accuracy of longitude and latitude with real time GPS Altimeter tracker. Our Altimeter Algorithm is all about let you know about altitude above sea level with elevation and altitude.

You can easily measure altitude anywhere with this GPS altimeter smart tracker. If you are an hiking or mountain climbing lover then Smart Altimeter Altitude Tracker is designed for you to get exact height of mountains with accurate altitude meter. Altimeter Compass is also known as Altitude Barometer. Altimeter measure altitude by calculating the current location’s air pressure.

GPS Altimeter & Altitude elevation Indicator is intended to be used at different levels matching the corresponding atmospheric pressure to the altitude with exact longitude and latitude. Using this Offline Altimeter you can get accurate Altitude above sea level by using the coordinates latitude and longitude. Calculate the height of your travelling places and during hiking with the right elevation of altimeter & altitude.

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