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Unearth a distinctive block matching experience with our reinvented classic puzzle game! It’s not your run-of-the-mill cube/mahjong match. We’ve breathed new life into the traditional match-3, enhancing the gameplay to give you an innovative twist on elimination modes. Simply align three blocks of identical elements to resolve the puzzle. It’s a breeze to learn, yet presents a challenge as you progress from straightforward levels to increasingly complex ones.

This game tests your strategy and logic, providing a rewarding journey for those skilled enough to master it. If you’re fond of mahjong or match-3 puzzle games, our upgraded variant will definitely catch your fancy! Ideal for all ages, you can go solo offline or compete with players online in our ‘Xiaoxiaole’ game.

Experience the laid-back vibe of our super casual cube match gameplay: Tap a square in the game scene, and it automatically finds a home in the collection box below. When three same-element blocks populate the box, they vanish, bringing you a step closer to victory! But beware, amass 7 or more squares and it’s game over.

Game Highlights:

+ Traverse more than 300 fascinating levels, unravelling challenging, shape-shifting puzzles, and unlocking fresh ones!

+ Lucky Spin: Try your fortune on our wheel of luck. Rich rewards are up for grabs.

+ Sign in daily to collect a bounty of gifts.

+ Join in thrilling daily activities, conquer challenges, and score incredible gifts.

+ World Championships: Compete in time-bound global events, seize rewards, and aim to be the world’s premier match master.

+ Crown Bonus: These special props simplify block matching, elevating your enjoyment.

+ Play limitlessly: No stamina constraints, play whenever, wherever. Experience unending elimination fun on-the-go, wiping out all worries!

This addictive elimination matching puzzle game is a delightful cocktail of strategy and fun. Resembling ‘Xiao Xiao Le’, but with a refreshing twist, it’s a visually enticing, easy-to-play, novel puzzle game. The anticipation of unlocking new levels after conquering each one makes it a perfect pastime. Ready for an exhilarating adventure? Take on the challenge of our classic match puzzle game, and join in the fun now!

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