Alien Worlds Music Visualizer App info

Spoil yourself with a once in a lifetime experience of wonderful alien landscapes.These are places you could only imagine until now! Experience visualizers like “Runner in the UFO”, “Morphing Galaxy” and “Telepathic propeller”.

Unlimited music choice

Play your music with any audio player app. Then switch to this app. It will then visualize the music. Many radio channels are also available with 8 music styles. A player for your music files is also included.


You can change the speed of the visual effects with the + and – buttons.

Create your own alien worlds with the settings

You can design the alien worlds according to your taste with over 100 settings. You can change their appearance, so they look like your own creations. Watch a video ad to get temporary access to the settings. The access will last until you close down the app.


You can watch this music visualizer on your TV with Chromecast. It is a special experience to watch it on a big screen. This is perfect for parties or chill out sessions.


Relax and recharge your batteries by using the app for meditation purposes. Free your mind from all thoughts anytime and anywhere.This will increase your focus and intuition and give you more energy for the rest of the day. Clear your mind from thoughts by concentrating on any of the alien worlds for a few minutes!

Background radio player

The radio can play when this app is in the background. You can then do other things when you listen to the radio, like use other apps or work.

Visual stimulation mode

Press pause to make the music stop. You can then use the app as a visual stimulation tool without music.


Microphone visualization

Visualize any sound from your phone’s microphone. You can visualize your voice, music from your stereo or from a party. Microphone visualization has no limits!


You can control your ride through space and through the tunnels with the interactive 3D-gyroscope.

Unlimited access to settings

You will have unlimited access to all the settings without having to watch any video ads.

Radio channels in the free version and in the premium version

The radio channels come from Digital Impulse:

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