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Transform your English and Korean skills with 2DUB! Dub lines from movies to improve intonation and learn practical conversational skills. Create, share, and get feedback on your dubs while also learning Korean. Compare your intonation with our AI report and immerse yourself in a fun, game-like experience!

🎬 Over 830,000 dubbed works and counting

🎤 Over 12 million minutes of speaking practice in the past year

“Improving intonation and diction helped me with my exams.”

“Dubbing with acting is more efficient than memorization.”

“My foreign friends complimented me on my improved pronunciation.”

🎙️ Dub Your Favorite Lines from Famous Shows!

Imitate your favorite actors and improve your speaking skills with 2DUB’s collection of movies, TV shows, commercials, and animations. Plus, don’t forget to try out our fun sentence completion game!

🎥 Dub in Creator Mode!

Turn on your camera and show off your dubbing skills to the world. With 2DUB’s Creator Mode, anyone can become a video creator and add their own dubbing style to their work.

🤸🏻 Join a Study Unit and Motivate Your English Speaking Practice!

Join a study unit with other users who share your goals, and take your speaking skills to the next level together.

📊 Get Detailed Feedback on Your Dubbing Skills with 2DUB’s AI Speaking Report!

2DUB’s AI analyzes each sentence of your dubbing, comparing it to the original’s intonation and detecting any missed or mispronounced words. Get personalized feedback to help you improve your speaking skills quickly and effectively.

Looking for an exciting new way to improve your speaking skills? Look no further than 2DUB – the ultimate language-learning app that will have you speaking like a native in no time!

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[Required Permissions]

– Mic: required for dubbing

– Storage: necessary for secure storage while dubbing.


Contact us

– Email: 2dub@2meu.me

– Instagram: @2dub_kr

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