Hawa – Group Voice Chat Rooms App info

Hawa offers a social space that focuses on sound, where you can not only get rid of the social pressure in reality, but also quickly meet new friends from various regions in the Middle East. Without social labels, use voice and thought to collide with strange souls to obtain purer friendship or love. In Hawa, … Read more

Egyptian Greece info

We are committed to improving the quality of life and bringing happiness to our communities by reimagining the way we live. Our app offers a one-stop shop for all your needs, allowing you to stay in the comfort of your own home while accessing a wide range of services and resources. With just a few … Read more

Cake Sort – Color Match Puzzle info

✔️ In this color match game you should sort cake slices and stack them in fridge Sounds like a cool 3D ASMR puzzle, right? ✔️ A fun ASMR game with a challenging puzzle A 3D cake sort with an awesome fridge A lovely stack of color to match Bunch of slices to pair ✔️ Would … Read more

Beat Party-SAM App info

¡Encuentra a tu enamorado/a en el juego! ¡Viste tu personaje perfecto en el juego! ¡Únete a grupos de chat con los jugadores como tú! Funciones de Beat Party: *Chat en tiempo real con funciones de donación *Encuentra tu romance o amigos en el juego *Gráficos con un aspecto moderno, estilo ciudad Cyberpunk. *Varias prendas de … Read more

Fences – Number Loop Puzzle info

“Fences – Loop Puzzle” is a mathematical logic game that is simple yet challenging. The rules of “Fences – Loop Puzzle” are straightforward. Players need to draw lines between points to form a single loop without any crossings or branches. The numbers surrounding each point indicate how many lines should be connected to that point. … Read more