12th Arts Notes 2023 App info

12th Arts Notes Maharashtra 2023 App contains notes for HSC Arts Maharashtra board students of Marathi Medium and English Medium.

Notes provided in this app includes following subjects.

Economics, History, Political Science, & languages.

The notes provided in this app are classified in following types of questions:

Short type questions – Choose the correct option, Complete the correlation, Identify & explain.

Long type questions – Answer the following, State with reasons, Answer in detail etc.

The notes provide in this app are in simple language so that it would be easier for understanding for 12th Std students of Maharashtra Board.

The notes provided in this app are offline so that if user’s phone is struggling with internet connection user can continue with notes.

The objective of this app is to provide educational notes for student in easy and understanding language at free of cost. Specially for the student who can’t afford different answer books to find solutions of the questions given in text book and specially for those who can’t carry books to study while travelling.

Note: This app is for private circulation and not published/developed by government or any government body. This app is Supported on Android 7.0 and above

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