つりライフ+(ぷらす) ~ゆるゆる釣りRPG~ App info

~Synopsis of Tsuripura~

An idyllic island surrounded by nature, where the beautiful sea stretches endlessly.

Today, you left on a ship to live alone.

Excited ♪ A new life awaits!

I was supposed to…

A sudden storm hits and the ship sinks! ?

Before you know it, you’ll find yourself on a small uninhabited island…

Can you really live on this island? ?


[How to enjoy Fishing Life+]


●Let’s catch fish with a fishing rod!

● Mining in the mine! Let’s discover treasures and aim for riches!

-Adventure freely on a vast map and enjoy the story ♪

-Let’s harvest crops from the fields and cook!

-Collect fashionable furniture and build your own home!

-Complete requests from islanders and get rewards!


・Change into your favorite outfit and enjoy fashion!

・Redesign the aquarium and decorate it to your liking!


◆ Let’s go to various fishing spots and catch creatures!

“Tsuri Life” is a handy fishing RPG where you can enjoy river fishing and sea fishing!

There are many fishing spots on the island, such as the sea, rivers, and lakes.

Go to your favorite fishing spot and catch and collect living creatures.

Game controls are very easy!

Just tap in time

There is no doubt that anyone can enjoy it regardless of age or sex! !

Even people who are not good at action can use fishing bait and sprinkled bait.

Using useful items (basic free), you can easily catch creatures.

Enjoy the story while fishing

The feature of “Tsuri Life+” is that you can enjoy the story as well!

Help the people and creatures on the island, and sometimes solve a little “mystery”…

With the characters I met in the main story

You can also become friends and interact with each other.

If you become a friend, there may be something good…! ?

◆Upgrade fishing rods and boats!

Sell ​​the fish you caught and buy a cool fishing rod!

If you use a good fishing rod, it will be easier to catch!

(All fishing gear in the game can be obtained for free!)

◆Complete the creature encyclopedia!

There are more than 300 types of creatures that appear in “Tsuri Life+”!

From famous fish such as clownfish to familiar fish such as sea bass and horse mackerel,

There is also a chance to catch rare deep-sea fish such as coelacanths!

Crabs, sharks, shrimps… even starfish can be caught with just one finger!

Let’s catch a lot and aim to complete the creature encyclopedia!

The picture book also has explanations about living things. (Maybe I can become more familiar with the types of fish?)

Aim to be a fishing master!

◆Farm and ranch elements too! You can also harvest crops!

You can get milk from the farm cows and eggs from the chickens♪

You can harvest vegetables and fruits from the fields.

Collect materials and make various dishes and snacks!

◆ You can also take care of living things!

If you give snacks to creatures, they will grow big!

Catch and raise them to earn the money you need for your life!

◆ Tank design

In the tank where you put the creatures you caught, you have your own aquarium!

There are over 250 cute themes and accessories to decorate!

Create your own aquarium by combining your favorite accessories such as stuffed animals and furniture!

You can also enjoy fashion by changing clothes ♪

You can change your avatar!

There are 200 cute costumes in all!

Wear your favorite costume and go out!

[Features of Tsuri Life + (Tsuripura)]

・Fishing RPG with cute pixel art!

・Completely free to play!

・ Perfect for killing time because you can play in a short time!

・ Enjoy the feeling of actually being at the fishing spot ♪

-Since it is easy to operate, it is safe even for beginners of fishing games!

・A fishing game where you can enjoy the story!

・Recommended for those who like farm and ranch games!

While relaxing with cute pixel art and soothing BGM

A handy fishing RPG where you can kill time.

Whether you like fishing or not, I recommend it to anyone!

Enjoy a slow life with “Tsuri Life + (TsuriPura)”!

● About the use of our app and YouTube

All of our games can be introduced live, on blogs, and on our website.

No inquiry confirmation is required.


【Operating environment】

・Android 5.1 or higher

・Device with 4GB or more of memory

・Wi-Fi, 4G/5G environment

*Even if the above conditions are met, there may be cases where the device cannot be used depending on the performance and specifications of the device.

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